You’ve built a very successful business through rolling up your sleeves to get things done, paying close attention to the market, and putting in the hard work to get the business started and stable.

However, what this usually means is that your business is running largely on your ability. You are required for the business to keep growing successfully. Whenever you take a holiday, the business inevitably suffers. You find yourself fighting fires.

This kind of exhausting and stressful existence often means your business feels more like a job than the systemised asset it should be.

What is Business Coaching?

What is Business Coaching and why is it so beneficial for your business?

Hi, my name is Peter Boolkah. I am a Business Coach whose main passion in life is working with talented and high performing business owners who are in the process of creating exciting, high growth businesses.

Peter is one of the top business coaches in the world and has been a resource for both ActionCOACH and his own clients since he became part of the organization.

Brad Sugars, Founder, ActionCOACH Business Coaching


Not sure if working with a Business Coach is for you? It's a perfectly natural question. That's why I offer a free, no obligation, trial session to find out if business coaching is the gentle 'nudge' that you need to progress to the next level of business growth.

Business Assessment

I will assess your business before our coaching session to identify which strategies could be useful to you.

Growth Strategies

Introduce you to powerful growth frameworks you can start to use immediately.

Quick Wins

Identify ‘quick wins’ that you can go away and action – whether or not you decide to continue coaching with me.

How it Works

Give you clear transparent information on exactly how business coaching will work with me.

Zero Risk

Explain how my guarantee works (so you don’t have to risk any money in trying business coaching).

No Pressure

Leave the decision in your hands as to whether there is value in coaching for your business or not.


Here's how my free business coaching session process works.

Step 1: Tell Me About Your Business

Step 2: A Quick Chat

Step 3: Attend Your Free Business Coaching Session

Step 4: Decide What Your Next Step Is​



Since joining ActionCOACH in 2005, Peter has received multiple awards and was proudly the first (and only) EMEA region coach to be inducted into the Action Coach Hall of Fame in 2013.


Award-Winning, Hall of Fame Coach

Never enough time to get stuff done?ActionCOACH coaching helps busy entrepreneurs and business owners overcome the challenges faced when maintaining a business.


Certified Master Coach

You’re a high growth business and you’re having fun. Most high growth businesses have pain in one of four areas, or a combination of the four areas. People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.


Global Accredited Consultant

Every person has something of value they bring to the team, a strength or a talent. This needs to be harnessed and  encouraged to bring value to the team 
and increase the level of trust.



I have worked with hundreds of dedicated and successful business owners since 2005. Here's what some of my clients think about having me as their business coach.

Paul Simmons​

Director/Owner, ATS Timber

We have used Peter Boolkah as our business coach for just over 12 months. The investment has been well worthwhile.


I have no hesitation in recommending him to any business that needs help – but, be prepared for a shake up and massive change in thinking and doing.


We had a typical family run business that had the usual lack of structure and direction and have found his coaching, direction and forcing us to change our bad habits incredibly valuable.


It’s not a quick fix overnight and for a while it was tough going as the thinking and habits we had were ingrained but reflecting back on the 12 months, it has been worth every step taken in a long journey that we’ve just started.

Peter has been particularly helpful in helping us sort our HR structure and helping futureproof it.


We lacked in management structure and needless to say, it’s now vastly improved.


Our journey is far from completed but we look forward to Peter’s coaching and direction over the coming years.

Sophie Boothroyd​

Finance Director, W Corbett & Co (Galvanizing) Ltd

Peter was introduced to us nearly 2 years ago to help transform not only the way we do things but also how we think.


Our sessions have been invaluable, inspiring and thought provoking; he has pushed us beyond what we thought possible helping us as a team take stock and realign against the bigger picture.


In a business that had little perspective of direction we now have a solid foundation in which to change our culture and a clear understanding of how to shape our business ready for the next stages of growth. Peter has been the catalyst for positive change and development; keeping perspectives grounded during the tough days and celebrating with us during the good ones.


Peter really cares about the businesses he chooses to partner with which is evident at not only the off site sessions but the regular contact he maintains checking in to see how we as a team and the business is progressing. 

Jon Gilbert​

Business Development Director, BCA Marketplace plc

Peter has been working with us on the Scaling Up project over the last 18 months.


We're not always easy to manage as a Senior Team but when we come together we can do great work.


Peter has helped us do that on numerous occasions, really embedding the framework of Scaling Up and challenging us to do what we say we are going to do.


We have, as a result created an executable strategic plan, a method of engagement with staff, a new recruitment process and hold far more effective management meetings than ever before.


The business has every ability to be a true market leader and Peter has been a great support and driver in that journey.

Peter is one of my Coaching Role Models. You really don't get a more down to earth, honest, straight talking coach whose sole focus is to help you get to where you want to be. With his wealth of knowledge (one of the world's best, consistently in ActionCOACH's Global top 10), not only would I highly recommend Peter but would have him as my coach without hesitation.​

James Dodd

ActionCOACH Business Coach

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